Financial services for those who serve

Who we are

Currently serving over 25,000 members across the UK, First Defence Finance works with the MOD to provide fair and ethical financial services to the military, veterans and military families.

Credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives that offer a range of financial services, including savings and loans.

Proudly serving those who serve

Serving members

Serving members of the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force


Veterans who have served in the Army, Navy, RAF or special forces reserves


Members of the Army, Navy, RAF or special forces reserves

How we’re different

Loans up to £25,000 above savings from 7.9% APR.

Free Life Savings and Loan Protection.

Savings accounts with annual projected dividends of up to 4.1%

Exclusive discount for The Gym Group – get 10% off your gym membership.

Taking the stress out of managing your money with deductions from your payroll so you won’t miss it.

Become a member and start saving today!

We put this in practice by providing you with fair rates of borrowing, flexible savings accounts to kickstart that habit and financial education as a means of giving you the tools to manage your finances more effectively.