Christmas Saver

No vouchers or hampers, you simply get what you save.

There's never a bad time to start your festive nest egg. Save as much or as little as you like each week or month to cover the cost of Christmas!

Account Features:

  • – Minimum balance of £1.00
  • – Earn an annual dividend
  • – Online account management
  • – Save as much or as little as you like each month
  • – FREE Life Savings Protection up to £10,000
  • – Deposit by Payroll, Direct Debit or Standing Order
  • – Make one-off deposits from your bank
  • – FSCS Protection up to £85,000


If you are already a member, you can open a Christmas Saver by clicking the button below. If you are not a member yet, click ‘Become a member’.

What is the minimum balance in the Christmas Saver?

Although there is no minimum balance needed to open the account, you will need at least £1.00 in your account to receive any dividend payments.

Members must also hold an active Regular Savings Account and maintain a minimum balance of at least £5 in this account.

Will I receive a dividend on my Christmas Saver?

Yes! We pay an annual dividend on the Christmas Saver which has been 1% or more for the last 5 years.

Any dividend payment is based on your daily account balance over the course of the year. The dividend rate to be paid will be recommended by the Board of Directors and authorised by the Members at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Dividends will be paid into the account following the Annual General Meeting.

Can I withdraw from the Christmas Saver?

Withdrawals from the account are permitted between 1st November and 24th December each year.

You can withdraw via the mobile app or the online members’ banking area.

How can I pay into the Christmas Saver?

One of the features of this account is that you have the option to save a regular amount via your payroll or Direct Debit, or, you can make one-off deposits.

Additional payments can be made at any time by bank transfer using the following details:

  • Sort code: 206155
  • Account Number: 40114510


You may amend the amount you are paying into the account by contacting the Member service team on 0208 607 5020 or

Why save for Christmas?

Saving money for Christmas can be a good idea for several reasons:

Manage expenses: Christmas can be an expensive time of year, with gift-giving, festive meals, decorations, and other expenses. By saving money ahead of time, you can better manage your expenses and avoid overspending.

Reduce financial stress: Christmas can also be a stressful time of year, especially if you're worried about money. By saving ahead of time, you can reduce your financial stress and enjoy the holiday season without worrying about how you'll pay for everything.

Take advantage of deals: Many retailers offer discounts and promotions during the holiday season, and having money saved can allow you to take advantage of these deals without going into debt.

Avoid debt: Saving money for Christmas can help you avoid going into debt to pay for holiday expenses. By paying with cash, you can avoid high-interest credit card debt and the stress that comes with it.

Overall, saving money for Christmas can help you better manage your finances, reduce stress, and enjoy the holiday season without going into debt.