Business Lending

Business Lending

Access to 100+ lenders offering a wide range of finance solutions through our partner, Approvity. Borrow from £5,000 to £15 million for your business.

We understand that every business has unique financial needs. That's why we've partnered with Approvity, your gateway to a world of tailored financing solutions. Complete the form below to get connected with financing!

The Business Lending Platform is owned and managed by a third-party company, Fleximize. First Defence Finance (a trading name of Plane Saver Credit Union Ltd) does not own or manage the Business Lending Platform and does not provide credit to business borrowers. By following this link, you will be transferred to a third-party website which operates independently of First Defence Finance.

We can only introduce the Business Lending Platform to limited companies. Plane Saver is not authorised to permit individuals (including sole traders) or partnerships with three or fewer partners access to the Business Lending Platform. By clicking the link to the Business Lending Platform, you will be asked to confirm your status. Before you complete the form, you need to read the following statements to make sure you are eligible to apply. You can apply if:

  1. You are acting on behalf of a limited company.
  2. You are not a sole trader, nor acting on behalf of a partnership with three or fewer partners nor in your capacity as a private individual.
  3. You understand that completing this form will transfer you to a third-party website that operates independently of Plane Saver.

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