13th June 2019

As part of a loan application with First Defence Finance, we check your affordability to ensure you can make the repayments on your loan and that you are not overstretching yourself financially,

Please Note: We advise all our members to access their bank account via a desktop computer or laptop to export your bank statements to PDF.

Alternatively login using your mobile, but via an internet browser, not your app as statement exporting is not available through most apps.

To help keep this process as simple as possible for our members, we have compiled a list of instructions from a selection of banks:







Royal Bank of Scotland

Metro Bank

Lloyds Bank

If your bank or building society is not on this list, we would suggest that you to search your bank name and export statements on Google or Bing to see if your bank can help.

For example: search ‘Barclays export statements’ on Google.

Written by
Jack Murphy

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